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   As a full service Pavement Maintenance company, we can reduce the need to deal with multiple vendors with varying degrees of dependability.


          Our services include:


•Asphalt Paving                                                               •Yard/Landscape Curbing


•Asphalt Patching: Hot Mix                                             •Line Marking: Restripe and New Layout


•Asphalt Crack Filling: Hot                                             •Small to Medium Concrete Jobs


•Asphalt Sealcoating                                                      •Small Grading Projects


•Driveways: Gravel, Concrete and Asphalt                    •Pressure Washing


•Wheel Stop Curbs                                                        •Thermoplastic Striping (Pre-Mark)


•Bollards: Steel, Concrete, PVC Concrete Filled           •Inside Plant Striping


•ADA Compliant Striping, Signs, Truncated Domes      •Urethane Caulking for Concrete


•Handicap Ramps                                                           •Speed Bumps Installed (Asphalt)


•Concrete Repairs                                                          •Hand Rails: Building, Installations and Repairs


•Curb Repairs                                                                 •Traffic Signs and Installations 



                                  We Manufacture Our Own Signs


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